Watch Iraq vs Argentina full match replay.
This is a match in Friendlies
Season 2018

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Match Detail

Jalal Hassan Hachim Ahmad Ibrahim Al-Qafaje Ali Faez Atiyah Mustafa Nadhim Ali Adnan Alaa Ali Mhawi Ahmed Yasin Justin Meram Osama Rashid Bashar Rasan Amjad AttwanRomero Ramiro Funes Mori Pezzella Bustos Vázquez Paredes Meza de Paul Acuña Dybala Lautaro Martínez
Coach: S. KatanecCoach: L. Scaloni
Hussein Ali Muhanad Ali Mahdi Kamil Hussam Kadhem Jaber Mazin Fayyadh Rebin Sulaka Adhamat Mohammed Hameed Mohammad Dawood Raad Faner Fahad Talib Mustafa Mohammad Jaber Safaa HadiAscacíbar Salvio Pereyra Simeone Cervi Kannemann Lo Celso Rulli Á. Correa Foyth Saravia Herrera
18'0 - 1Lautaro Martínez (assist by M. Acuña)
27'Ali Adnan
46'Justin MeramHussein Ali
46'Ahmed YasinMuhanad Ali
46'AscacíbarM. Meza
46'SalvioM. Meza
46'PereyraR. de Paul
53'0 - 2R. Pereyra (assist by P. Dybala)
57'Ahmad Ibrahim Al-QafajeMahdi Kamil
57'SimeoneLautaro Martínez
60'CerviL. Paredes
68'Ali AdnanHussam Kadhem Jaber
70'Bashar RasanMazin Fayyadh
75'KannemannF. Bustos
77'Ali Faez AtiyahRebin Sulaka Adhamat
82'0 - 3G. Pezzella (assist by E. Salvio)
90+1'0 - 4F. Cervi (assist by W. Kannemann)
FTIraq0 - 4Argentina
HT0 - 1
0Shots on target6
4Shots wide4
Referee:J. Gillett

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